Guatemala. Rechazo a la pretendida intervencion de FLACSO Guatemala

8 de julio 2014

The Guatemala Scholars Network condemns the current attempt by the Pérez Molina government to impose its own candidate for Director of FLACSO/Guatemala on the grounds of academic freedom.  This intervention in the internal affairs of FLACSO/Guatemala follows upon a similar attempt in 2012. These actions violate the autonomy and academic integrity of FLACSO/Guatemala, as well as the established procedures of the highly respected FLACSO network throughout Latin America. The Guatemala Scholars Network considers that it is of the utmost importance to maintain FLACSO as an autonomous academic space. If it were to succeed, this attack on intellectual activity would send a chilling message not only to FLACSO/Guatemala but also to other, similar institutions, and to all those engaging in investigative research and publication in Guatemala.

Executive Committee, Guatemala Scholars Network

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